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Make Your Demo

"Acting is about becoming who you are."
— actress Felicity Huffman

Making your voice over demo CD is the key to your success as a voice over actor! A recorded presentation of the professionally-trained voice is called a "voice over demo." Your demo represents a sampling of the various qualities and range of your voice. Voice styles always depend on the individual. Your demo should reflect your skills, creativity and repertoire. Listen to some demos.

Demos are generally one minute to one and a half minutes in length. That may seem short, but the goal of the demo is to showcase your skills and make a good impression to a potential agent or client.

What is your style? Are you a spokesperson? Friendly? Sultry? Business-like? Animated, wacky, or sincere? Do you have accents, dialects, or a combination of these and more? What or who is your market? Commercials, video games, audio books, audio tours, trade shows, education, training, radio broadcasts, podcasts...?

Madeleine and Roy are the Radio Magic specialists who provide all aspects of production: from concept, writing, coaching, digital sound design, to selection and mix of the perfect music. Their combined talents make your demo a truly professional calling card.

Through a series of consultations you'll explore, develop and define your style, from the choices in the appropriate market, to selling your talent, to final development. Expert coaching and consultations during recording move the project from concept to completion; including original script-writing and music selections that reflect your personal style. Technical expertise brings the demo to a final mastering and polished presentation.

Your recording is presented in digital MP3 format, and can be presented on a website or a CD. Once completed, your demo will require the marketing of your talents to agents, audio producers, and casting directors.