Madeleine Wild MA
Voice Director
(707) 996-3073
Sonoma, California
Training, Coaching, Demos and Marketing for Voice Artists
Recording Studio Services for Commercial Production


"An artist’s greatest successes are not found in a single rave performance, but, instead, in the way he or she uses that experience to keep moving forward—to evolve, to learn, to work."
— Uta Hagen

Our voice over classes are small and focus on the individual. Each person is equipped with microphone and headset. There are two to four students per session. Individual, group, or private classes are available and arranged by appointment. Please contact us for more information.

Voice over training: We teach the tools of the trade

Magic happens when voice over acting students and clients enter our intimate recording studio and discover their hidden talents and abilities. They practice, build confidence, and polish and refine their skills in a lively, supportive environment that encourages them to have fun, whether learning to sound like a wacky space bug, sell a brand of cereal or just sound natural, believable and real.

Beginners and professionals:

  • Develop acting, reading, audition and improvisational skills for commercials CD-ROM, audio books, animation and narration
  • Learn how to define your personal style and unique qualities
  • Produce a great promotional Voice Over demo CD to showcase and market your talent to agents and producers

Class content Includes:

  • Voice over acting & training techniques
  • Auditioning & marketing strategies
  • Ongoing "on-mic" classes are offered on a weekly basis
  • A variety of authentic copy (commercials, narrations, internet and CD-ROM scripts, including music and sound effects) in each session.

Training Options:

  • One-on-one session with Director Madeleine Wild in the Radio Magic recording studio
  • Single class or Series of 4 classes
  • Individual audition coaching via telephone. Contact us to book a session.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there work in this field?
The voice over market is competitive. On the other side of of the story, I believe that there is work to go around for everyone. We live in a multimedia-rich world. There are lots of people, businesses, and organizations that need to promote themselves and have a story to tell. There are ways to tap into these opportunities. Or, you can learn how to produce your own story.

Do you get people jobs?
"You can feed someone a fish or teach them how to fish... " (much better!) Job opportunities do not come to find the new voice actor on the block: The actor is responsible for creating his own opportunities. However, when we get together to create your graduation into the competitive voice over market, you leave the security of training and being directed by one coach, equipped to manage your way to success.

"The art of voice over acting is in the details. The more you practice, observe human qualities (including your own) and apply them in your narration and character portrayals, the more believable you become as an actor. Use your eyes, hands, and body language to express and imagine the character. Pay attention to details and you will bring life to your performance."
— Madeleine Wild, MA. Director, Radio Magic Studio